Saitō Morihiro

斉藤 守弘


* 1928 Ibaraki Japan - † 2002 Iwama Japan

Interview with Morihiro Saito - Part 1 (Aikido Journal)

Morihiro Saito (斉藤 守弘 Saitō Morihiro) was a teacher of the Japanese martial art of aikido, with many students around the world. Saito's practice of aikido spanned 56 years, from the age of 18, when he first met aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba, until his death in 2002. The kind of aikido that Saito's students do is often referred to as Iwama aikido or Iwama style. In Europe, Saito, along with many of his students, formed a dan-ranking network of dojos called Iwama Ryu, with ranks received directly from Saito rather than or in addition to those from the Aikikai although Saito never left that organization.