Ogawa Kinnosuke

小川 金之助


* 1884 Aiichi Japan - † 1962

小川金之助 - Wikimedia Commons

Ogawa Kinnosuke was born in 1884 in Aiichi prefecture. He began kendo whilst in school, at around 13/15 years of age, under kendo hanshi Kato Kiichi and later under Kohori Yasutada. In his late teens and very early 20s he taught kendo at a middle school and joined the army (field gunnery position) before being employed by Nagoya police department. He was a student and later an instructor at the Budo Senmon Gakko, as well as in the Nagoya police. He was a Butokukai hanshi and was Busen's principle kendo instructor in the 1930's and up until 1945.